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« Copyright vs. Community » by Richard Stallman

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The 12/10/2010 Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity invite Richard Stallman for a conference « Copyright vs. Community« .

Richard stallman Copyright developed in the age of the printing press, and was designed to fit with the system of centralized copying imposed by the printing press. But the copyright system does not fit well with computer networks, and only draconian punishments can enforce it.

The global corporations that profit from copyright are lobbying for draconian punishments, and to increase their copyright powers, while suppressing public access to technology. But if we seriously hope to serve the only legitimate purpose of copyright–to promote progress, for the benefit of the public–then we must make changes in the other direction.

November 12, 2010
from 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Amphithéatre Lutton, Centre de recherche Inderdisciplinaire (CRI),
Faculté de Medecine, site Cochin Port-Royal,
Université Paris-Descartes,
24, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Jacques

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Written by cybunk

8 novembre 2010 à 8:21

3 Réponses

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Samuel Huron, Antoine Mazières. Antoine Mazières said: Richard Stallman @ CRI #AIW #projetFDI […]

  2. Draconian punishments don’t enforce copyright, they simply punish people for doing what comes naturally – enjoying their liberty to engage with their own culture, to enjoy artistic intercourse with their fellow man.

    The publishing corporations simply have no compunction in using whatever measures they have available, irrespective of expense or effectiveness.

    If anything the escalation of draconian legislation should be seen as a call for copyright’s abolition, not its reinforcement – just as a person failing ever more desperate attempts to commit suicide should not be considered as needing assistance to ensure the next attempt is ‘successful’.

    Draconian enforcement is the immortal corporation communicating with the human populace: « You must abolish our privileges. They are now not merely unethical, but also ineffective, unenforceable and egregiously counter-productive. »

    If the people persist in ignoring this message, it will become louder and more insistent.

    Crosbie Fitch

    10 novembre 2010 at 12:25

  3. Mes notes sur la soiree

    Merci a AIW et au CRI d’avoir organise l’evenement


    13 novembre 2010 at 3:40

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